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Learning Objects Catalog

The Learning Objects Catalog is a repository within the Content Collection that users may browse or search for entries that have been submitted. Users may nominate items for inclusion in the institution’s internal learning objects catalog and for inclusion in a public catalog. Users selected as catalog managers determine how the catalog is organized and manage catalog entries submitted by users.

Users may submit items to the learning objects catalog from the Add Catalog Entry page. After an entry is submitted it appears on the Manage Catalog page. A catalog manager must approve the entry before it appears in the learning objects catalog.

The Add Entry option is only available if categories have been added to the learning objects catalog.

How to Add a Catalog Entry

  1. Navigate to the folder that contains the item to be edited.
  2. Select Create Catalog Entry from the contextual menu for the item.
  3. Enter information in the boxes and click Submit.

The information in the description section is pulled from the general metadata. Information edited on this page, will only be used for this catalog entry. The general metadata for the item will remain unchanged. This allows the user to enter different information for separate catalog entries. If a Content Collection item is added to the catalog multiple times, each entry may have different information.

When a catalog entry is submitted to the internal catalog, read permission for that item is granted to all system accounts for that item. When a catalog entry is submitted to the public catalog, read permission to that item is granted to the public for that item.

Administrators can make the internal catalog and the public catalog unavailable.

Managing Entries

Catalog managers review, accept and reject catalog entries on the Manage Catalog Entries page. All entries that users submit to the catalog appear on this page. A Catalog manager must accept an entry before the item appears in the catalog.

The status of catalog entries may be changed multiple times. For example, if a catalog manager approves an entry, a different catalog manager may decide this is not appropriate and reject the entry. The entry will be removed from the catalog, and the status will be Rejected on the Manage Catalog Entries page.

If you also license community engagement, administrators may grant access to the catalog manager functions to users with specific roles in the system. Only these users may access the Manage Catalog pages.

How to Manage Catalog Entries

  1. Select Manage Catalog under the Learning Objects menu.
  2. Select Manage Catalog Entries.


    Select Manage Catalog Entries from the contextual menu for a specific folder.

The Manage Catalog Entries page includes the following functions.

Manage Catalog Entries Page Functions
To Click
Approve catalog entries the check boxes next to those entries to approve and select Approve. These items are added to the catalog.
Reject catalog entries the check boxes next to those entries to reject and select Reject. These items are not added to the catalog. If the items were approved before, they will no longer appear in the catalog.
Delete a catalog entry the check boxes next to those entries to approve and select Delete from Catalog. These items are removed from this page and will not appear in the catalog. This action is permanent; the item is deleted from the catalog and the status can no longer be changed. This action removes the entry, but does not remove the item from the Content Collection.
Filter by the status of the entries the drop-down list in the Status field and select which entries to view. The following options are available:

Show All – Displays all entries, including approved, pending and rejected.

Pending – Displays only entries that are pending.

Approved – Displays only entries that have been approved.

Rejected – Displays only entries that are rejected.

Filter by catalog category the drop-down list in the Category field and select which entries to view. By default, the filter shows all categories.

Managing Categories

Catalog managers may organize the learning objects catalog according to the institution's needs. The Manage Catalog Categories page allows managers to add categories to the top level of the catalog and add subfolders within these categories. When entries are added to the catalog, they may be added to a top-level folder, or to any sub folder. Entries to multiple categories may be created for any single item.

How to Manage Catalog Categories

  1. Select Manage Catalog under Learning Objects in the Content Collection menu.
  2. Select Manage Catalog Categories.

The Manage Catalog Categories page includes the following functions.

Manage Catalog Categories Functions
To Click
Add a top-level category to the catalog Create Catalog Categories. The Create Category page opens. Enter the name of the category on this page.
Add a subcategory to an existing category the name of the category. This opens a page containing the subcategories and options for adding and managing them.
Change an existing category Edit next to the category name. The Edit Category page appears.
Remove a category select the check box next to the categories to remove and click Delete. This action removes the category and all subcategories. All items in these categories will be moved to a system-created category called Uncategorized. Administrators may rename this category.