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New and Updated Integrations

Blackboard ConnectTxt for Learn

The Send Two-way SMS building block gives instructors the ability to text with students at the course level. With 97% of college students today preferring text, this easy-to-use tool will help improve faculty-student communication and provide important, timely information to today's mobile students. Instructors can send out mass texts to their class and quickly receive replies in Blackboard Learn. Common use cases include class cancellations, exam prep, student questions and support. The purchase of text messaging credits is required. Connect Client Care installs the two-way SMS building block with the client.

The Two-way SMS building block is completely separate from the course notifications SMS feature where users can subscribe to course notifications as text messages to their mobile devices. To learn more, see Blackboard Connect Integration.

NBC Learn

The NBC Learn building block will no longer be bundled with Blackboard Learn SP 10. If you have this build block installed on your system, it will continue to function normally. If you would like to install it, visit the Blackboard extensions catalog