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Inline Grading for Assignments Release Notes: Jul 2013

Release Information

Launch Date: July 22, 2013

Release Number: 1.1.1025512

Requirements: Service Pack 10 and later

Supported Platforms

The Inline Assignment Grading Building Block is supported on the following platforms:

Release Highlights

This is a Maintenance Release which resolves the following issue:

  • Students can view grade and feedback for inline grading assignments when grade center column is hidden to users
  • Submitting a file with apostrophe in the name will prevent Inline Assignment Grading from rendering the file on first load
  • Inline Assignment tool does not honor bb config properties for outboundproxyURL or Dhttps.proxyhost
  • Inline Assignment Grading b2 will corrupt filenames that contain non-ascii unicode characters
  • Inline Assignment Grading does not show rubric used for grading to students
  • User is unable to view a document using the Crocodoc feature

To Learn More​...

To learn more about the Inline Assignment Grading Building Block, including installation instructions, see the Inline Assignment Grading Release Notes.

To Learn More

To learn more see, Inline Assignment Grading Building Block.