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Social Learning Tools Release Notes: Jun 2013

Release Information

Launch Date: June 19, 2013

Requirements: Service Pack (SP) 10 and later

Supported Platforms

The new features will appear  on the following platforms that have Cloud Profiles or Social Profiles and Tools enabled:

  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 10 (Build: 9.1.100401.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 11 (Build: 9.1.110082.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 12 (Build: 9.1.120113.0)
  • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 13 (Build: 9.1.130093.0)

Release Highlights

This version is a minor maintenance release to support Cloud Profile service changes for xpLor and Partner Cloud.  If a user links their Cloud Profile to an existing profile by entering the same email address, the user will now receive a verification token in an email, which needs to be entered into the prompt.  This version should be updated when Software Updates Building Block is updated to version 3.2.9.

Important Notes for Administrators

Important Pre-Installation Activity for the Building Blocks

The latest Cumulative Patch is required for this version to function properly, as well as Software Updates Building Block 3.2.9. If the Building Block is installed without the below Cumulative Patch (CP) for your Learn version, errors will appear in the Software Updates and Cloud Management modules of the System Admin tab.

Building Block Installation

The Building Blocks were released through Software Updates on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 12PM US Eastern (GMT -4). A new version of Software Updates, Cloud Profiles, and Social Profiles and Tools will appear as Building Block updates in the Software Updates module within 24 hours. If needed, the Building Blocks may also be downloaded. Note that Software Updates, Cloud Profiles, and Social Profiles and Tools Building Blocks need to be on the same major.minor version (such as 3.2.x or 3.0.x) to function properly.

Steps from System Admin tab – Navigate to:

  1. Software Updates module > Building Block Updates Available > Software Updates > New Update Available > Install
    1. An error will display on the Cloud Management module. Continue installing other Building Blocks from the Installed Tools page.
  2. Building Blocks > Installed Tools > Cloud Profiles > New Update Available > Install
  3. Building Blocks > Installed Tools > Social Profiles and Tools > New Update Available > Install
  4. Building Blocks > Installed Tools > Cloud Profiles > Set Available (Context Menu)
  5. Building Blocks > Installed Tools > Social Profiles and Tools > Set Available (Context Menu)
  6. Check that the Cloud Connection is successful in the Cloud Connector page.

Connecting to the Cloud

Bidirectional communication to the Cloud Services is required. If you are running Blackboard from behind a firewall as a test server or for security reasons, you will need to open the firewall to use these features. To open bidirectional communication to Cloud Services, you must configure your firewall to allow responses from, and allow requests to,,, and Port 443.

Resolved Issues

  • When Learn Gateway Options are set to "Tab page (Direct Access)", user is logged into Cloud tools as guest user, causing profile data to appear incorrect.
  • Error connecting Profile to Twitter
  • Software Updates and Cloud Management modules disappear from System Admin tab after update to Software Updates version 3.0.14

Known Issues

  • Font for "Learn Updates Available" from the Software Updates Administrator module is inconsistent in IE

To Learn More

To learn more, see Cloud Management and Social Learning Tools Building Block.