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Blackboard Help

Preferred Technical Skills

Installing and supporting a Blackboard installation hosted at your school requires some specific technical skills. It is important that human resources that understand the installation and support of enterprise software are available to install and maintain Blackboard Learn.

Before attempting to install, ensure that the appropriate skill sets are available to support the installation and maintenance of Blackboard Learn

Database Skills

The following database skills are recommended for installing and maintaining Blackboard Learn.

  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle
  • Accessing and running SQL scripts
  • Performing online and offline database backup and restore
  • Monitoring and reconfiguring database parameters to meet growing demand
  • Tuning the performance of the host machine and the database server

Network Skills

The following networking skills are recommended for installing and maintaining Blackboard Learn.

  • Troubleshooting network bottlenecks
  • Knowledge of authentication and experience with institutional authentication methods (LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory®, or similar method)
  • Experience supporting 24/7 network environments with failover contingencies
  • Experience configuring load-balanced solutions

Operating System and Application Server Skills

The following operating system and application server skills are recommended for installing and maintaining Blackboard Learn.

  • Experience with Microsoft IIS® or Apache™
  • Experience with the operating system including file management and permissions
  • Experience with optimization and monitoring techniques
  • Comfortable using a text editor to make changes to configuration files
  • Experience installing software
  • Starting and stopping applications on the server to avoid damaging or corrupting the workstation or database
  • Creating scheduled jobs to automate system processes such as backup and log file management
  • Installing and troubleshooting operating systems
  • Comfortable using the command line interface
  • Knowledge of how application servers work and how to start and stop the various servers and system processes
  • Knowledge of how to add hardware to the server
  • Performing tape backups and tape archive programs and understand how to use these backup tools to move files around the system and between machines 
  • Experience managing multiple points of integration

Developer Skills

The following skills are recommended to create Blackboard Building Blocks or to use the Event-Driven API.

  • Knowledge of compiling software
  • Experience with relational databases
  • Experience with Java development at the mid to senior programmer level
  • Experience programming Java Server pages
  • Experience with JDBC™ 2.0
  • Experience with Java™ SE
  • Experience with Connection pooling
  • Creating and testing JSPs
  • Experience with object-oriented programming