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Step 2: Export All Data From CE 4

All data from CE 4 must be exported so that the appropriate data can be imported into Blackboard Learn. This process is completed using the System Integration API’s command. The resulting snapshot.xml file will be used in each of the import steps in the upgrade process.

Complete this procedure using the command line on the CE 4 server.

  1. Log in to the CE 4 server with system administrator privileges.
  2. Create a directory for your migration data using the following command.


    mkdir /tmp/migrateToLearn


    mkdir c:\temp\migrateToLearn

  3. Navigate to the ims directory using the following command.


    cd /CE4_home/webct/webct/generic/ims


    cd \CE4_home\webct\webct\generic\ims

  4. Export the CE 4 data to a snapshot.xml file using the following command.


    ./ export snapshot /tmp/migrateToLearn/snapshot.xml

    Windows: export snapshot c:\temp\migrateToLearn\snapshot.xml