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Step 4: Export Course Content Packages From CE 4

The content from the desired courses in CE 4 must be exported as packages so that they can be imported into Blackboard Learn. This process is completed using the System Integration API’s ./ command. The resulting packages will be used in Step 5: Import CE 4 Courses Into Blackboard Learn.

Exporting the content packages can be a very time-consuming process. Blackboard recommends exporting subsets of your courses.

Complete this procedure using the command line on the CE 4 server.

  1. Log in to the CE 4 server with system administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to the ims directory using the following command.
  3. UNIX:

    cd /CE4_home/webct/webct/generic/ims


    cd \CE4_home\webct\webct\generic\ims

  4. Create the content packages using the following command. To export the content of all of the courses in CE 4, use --course=* as shown in the following example. To export specific courses, the wildcard (*) can be replaced with a colon-delimited list of courseids.
  5. UNIX:

    ./ --action=export_to_vista --course=* --pkgloc=/tmp/migrateToLearn/

    Windows: --action=export_to_vista --course=* --pkgloc=c:\temp\migrateToLearn\

  6. Copy the resulting content packages ( *zip and*.epk) from the migrateToLearn directory on the CE 4 server to the migrateFromCE directory on the Blackboard Learn server.