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Step 6: Import Vista 8 Enrollments Into Blackboard Learn

If you have an SIS integration, you do not need to import the enrollments into Blackboard Learn. The SIS integration will handle the enrollments for upcoming school terms. You can skip this step.

If you do not have an SIS integration and you will be manually updating user enrollments in Blackboard Learn, it may be easier for you to import the enrollments information. You can choose whether to include all enrollments or to include only instructor enrollments.

The import enrollments process is completed using the LMSImport command and the snapshot.xml file resulting from Step 2: Export All Data From Vista 8.

Complete this procedure using the command line on the Blackboard Learn server.

  1. Log in to the Blackboard Learn server with system administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to the admin directory using the following command.


    cd /Learn directory/blackboard/tools/admin


    cd \Learn directory\blackboard\tools\admin

  3. Import the enrollments from the snapshot.xml file using the LMSImport command and the appropriate switches. To learn more about the available switches, see LMSImport Switches for Vista 8.

    To import only instructor enrollment data, use the --instr_only switch.

    Parameters shown in brackets ([ ]) are optional.


    ./ --file=/tmp/migrateFromVista/snapshot.xml --ds=data source key --no_users --no_courses [--instr_only]

    For example:

    ./ --file=/tmp/migrateFromVista/snapshot.xml --ds=VISTA_FALL_2009 --no_users --no_courses


    LMSImport.cmd --file=c:\temp\migrateFromVista\snapshot.xml --ds=data source key --no_users --no_courses [--instr_only]

    For example:

    LMSImport.cmd --file=c:\temp\migrateFromVista\snapshot.xml --ds=VISTA_FALL_2009 --no_users --no_courses

    After all of the enrollments are imported, a message displays indicating that all operations are complete.