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Institutional Hierarchy for Community Engagement

Institutional Hierarchy is available only if your school licenses community engagement.

The Institutional Hierarchy is a hierarchy management user interface designed to allow administrators to create a multi-level framework within Blackboard Learn that mirrors their institution. For example, an institution with multiple schools with departments or multiple academic programs with academic plans and courses.

The Institutional Hierarchy is designed to allow administrators to delegate administration tasks to other users when appropriate. This means, for example, that individual campuses within institutions can now administer their own hierarchy level node such as, administering their own enrollments, courses, organizations, and branding.

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Item corresponding to the image above The Nodes panel displays the levels within the hierarchy and their child/parent relationships as a list. A node is a level in the hierarchy. It could be a school, program, unit, department and so much more. Each hierarchy level node contains the level enrollment, course, and descendant level node data. Click a node to open it.

Item corresponding to the image above The page title identifies the hierarchy level node you are looking at.

Item corresponding to the image above Create Children level nodes within the current node.

Item corresponding to the image above From each hierarchy level node, users, enrollments, courses, availability and settings can be organized and managed.

Item corresponding to the image above Search for specific hierarchy level nodes from the Search Nodes panel.

Finding the Hierarchy

The Institutional Hierarchy is found on the Administrator Panel and can only be managed by administrator roles with proper permissions.

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