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This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on the Blackboard Store.

The integrated Blackboard virtual bookstore allows instructors to search for and adopt course materials. Students can see a comprehensive list of all necessary course materials and make purchases from directly within the Blackboard Learn platform. The Blackboard Store Building Block provides three tools:

  • Course Materials Hub: A faculty center for researching course materials, collecting digital and physical resources into adoption lists, and sharing those lists with students and colleagues. The Course Materials Hub is available to all clients, whether or not they have an agreement in place with the Blackboard Store to provide their course materials.
  • Blackboard StoreTM Commerce: Presents students with a list of their course materials available for purchase.
  • Blackboard BookshelfTM: Allows students to access and organize course materials, even after the course ends. Includes an advanced e-Reader, digital bookshelf and mobile compatibility.

Blackboard Store Technical Information

The Blackboard Store is compatible with Blackboard Learn 9.1. Please check Behind the Blackboard for the latest information on supported Service Packs and Releases.

The Course Materials Hub feature will be turned on automatically when the Building Block is downloaded, and the Blackboard Store commerce and Blackboard Bookshelf features will be turned off, but available when desired. The Blackboard Store Commerce requires an 8-week startup period. Please contact us for more information.

The Partner Cloud Building Block must be properly installed and on the latest version prior to the installation of the Blackboard Store Building Block. You can find documentation for the Partner Cloud Building Block at Behind Blackboard or

Of the tools and functionality listed above, only the Course Materials Hub functionality is turned ON with the Blackboard Store Building Block installation. To turn ON the Blackboard Store commerce and Blackboard Bookshelf, please contact the appropriate Blackboard representatives.