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Mashup Building Blocks allow instructors and students to discover, select, and embed content from an external web site without ever leaving the Blackboard Learn interface.

Following are the default Mashup Building Blocks that are included with Blackboard Learn:

  • Flickr: A site for viewing and sharing photographic images.
  • SlideShare: A site for viewing and sharing slide presentations and documents.
  • YouTube: A site for viewing and sharing online videos.

Mashup Building Blocks are available by default, but they must be configured. To learn more, see Installing and Managing Building Blocks.

Configuring Mashups

Note:  Before using a Mashup Building Block, review the terms of use for the external source.

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Building Blocks, click Building Blocks.
  2. Click Installed Tools.
  3. In the row for the desired Mashup, click Settings. The following table describes the optional settings that are available.
    Mashup Settings
    Field Description
    Filtering YouTube Mashup only. Select Yes to filter out videos that have been flagged as inappropriate by YouTube users. 

    YouTube users flag content based on their perceptions. As a result, inappropriate content can appear in search results even when this option is enabled.

    API Key or YouTube Client ID Provide your institution's key or ID to track your institution's use of the application. If left blank, the system uses the default Blackboard key or ID.

    If you change this setting, it applies only to content created after this change is made. It is not applied retroactively to existing content.

    Shared Secret Key or YouTube Developer Key Provide your institution's key to track your institution's usage of the application. If left blank, the system uses the default Blackboard key.

    If you change this setting, it applies only to content created after this change is made. It is notbe applied retroactively to existing content.

    Default Language SlideShare and YouTube Mashups only. Choose the language for the SlideShare or YouTube interface. This changes only the interface, not text entered by other users.
  4. Click Submit.