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Social Learning Tools Building Block

The social learning tools provide individuals with control of a learner-centric social environment oriented toward academics. Most importantly, this new learning network operates across institutions. It connects learners at Blackboard Learn institutions around the globe and encourages them to learn from each other through social, informal means, complementing the more formal structures of traditional online courses.

My Blackboard Tools

My Blackboard includes a social toolset stored in the cloud that enables users to create an online identity and engage in an academic community. The following table identifies the available tools.

My Blackboard Tools
Feature Description Course Delivery only (Cloud off, Social not available) Any license with just Cloud enabled (no Social) With Community Engagement + Both Cloud and Social Enabled
Login Overlay A Login Overlay displays the first time a user accesses Blackboard. This overlay introduces the user to My Blackboard and the tools available to them. Available Enhanced to include prompting the user to create a profile. Enhanced further to include Messages and Spaces.
Global Navigation A menu is available in the page header that provides access to tools in My Blackboard available to users. To learn how to add links here, see Hot Links on Global Navigation Panel. Available Enhanced to include the Profile and People icons in the menu. Enhanced further to include the Messages and Spaces icons in the menu.
My Blackboard My Blackboard is a single location for access to user tools, such as grades. To learn more see, My Blackboard. Available Enhanced to include the Profile and People icons in the menu. Enhanced further to include the Messages and Spaces icons.
Profile User profiles are automatically created for users with the default privacy setting set to Private. This setting can be changed by the user. User profiles are stored in cloud. Users cannot delete a profile. To learn more, see User Profiles. N/A Available. Profile limited to showing the Avatar, name, and about me information.  Enhanced to include full Profile with Profile Wall, the ability to follow and have followers, add interest tags, and integrate social media.
Profile Cards Profile cards show a summary of a user's profile. Profile Cards appear in the discussion board, wikis, blogs, roster, page header, and People tool. N/A Available. Profile Cards limited to showing only Avatar, Name, About Me, and Report. Enhanced to show Avatar, Name, About Me, Interest Tags, View Profile, Message, Follow, Block, Report.
Bb Home This page displays highlights of what is new since the user last accessed Blackboard. Available Enhanced to include Avatar and Profile Cards. Enhanced further to include Messages and full Profile Cards in Messages and Stream.
Posts The page displays recent post contributions to discussion boards, blogs, wikis and journals in the courses and organizations the user is enrolled in. Available Enhanced to include Avatar and Profile Cards. Enhanced further to include full Profile Cards and posts/comments from Spaces and followed Profile Walls.
My Grades Students can view the grades from all of their courses on this page.  Available Available Available
Messages Users can message other users with profiles and are not hidden. To learn more, see About Messages. N/A N/A Available
Calendar Students can view the events from all of their courses on this page. Available Available Available
People The People tool within My Blackboard provides users the ability to connect with other users who have a profile.  The People tool is opt-in. To learn more see, About the People Tool. N/A Available. Limited to the basic profiles and search within the institution. Enhanced to include cross-institution Profile discovery, Academic Networks that include followed users & Spaces, search against full Profiles, etc.
Updates This page displays the notifications of what is happening in a user’s course. To learn more, see Notifications. Available Available Available
Spaces From this page, users can create and join social learning spaces. To learn more, see About Spaces. N/A N/A Available

How to Make the Social Profiles and Tools Building Block Available

Once installed, you must make the Social Profiles and Tools available in Learn.

  1. From the System Admin page, click Cloud Profiles and Tools from the Cloud Management panel.
  2. Locate Social Profiles and Tools click the Off icon to switch it to On.

To Learn More

To learn more about making Cloud Profiles and Tools available, see Cloud FAQs and Cloud Management.

To learn more about the tools, see: