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Blackboard Help

Command Line Tools

Blackboard Learn includes a set of basic system administration tools that must be run from the command line. These tools are located in the blackboard_home/tools/admin directory. Blackboard Learnalso includes a set of system administration tools for content management that must be run from the command line. These commands are located in the blackboard/apps/bbcms/bin directory.

On Windows, these tools are .bat files; on UNIX Operating Systems they are .sh files. An error will appear if a command is not successful. If nothing is reported the command processed successfully.

Trying to execute a utility by clicking the .bat file in the Windows GUI will return errors and possibly cause the system to stop functioning.

Restricted Characters in Directory Names

When creating directories, do not insert the following characters into the directories for users, folders, or files:

\ / : * ? " < > |

Otherwise, these command lines cannot be executed.

Using Spaces in Directory Names

If a source path or destination path includes spaces when using a command line tool, you must use quotes to enclose the entire path.  The following are some examples:

file-import C:\Folder1 /users/Biology/Week1
file-import "C:\Folder 1" /users/Biology/Week1
file-import C:\Folder1 "/users/Biology/Week 1"
file-import "C:\Folder 1" "/users/Biology/Week 1"