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Creating and Managing Goals

With the goals tool, administrators can create goals, align goals to courses, and run course goal coverage reports. Instructors cannot create goals.

Aligning course content and activities with goals provides instructors with:

  • Clarity on content coverage of desired learning objectives.
  • Performance data on student progress against standards.
  • Support of remediation and retention efforts based on student performance.

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  1. Search for goals by Owner, Set Type, Place, and Status.
  2. Add and manage goal sets. Access the goal set's contextual menu to update content alignments and to run reports on the goal set coverage as well as relationships that exist in the system for selected goals.
  3. Add and manage categories. Access the category's contextual menu to associate the category to courses and run reports on category coverage as well as relationships that exist in the system for a specific category.
  4. Add and manage goals. Create child goals, view related goals, and run reports on goal coverage across all courses in the system as well as relationships that exist in the system for a particular type of goal.
  5. Click Run Reports to access coverage information across courses for all active goal sets within the selected source and goal type.

How to Add Goals

Administrators use the same steps to align goals to course containers, such as learning modules, lesson plans, and folders. You can align goals to the entire container or to one or more content items inside.

  1. On the My Institution tab, in the Tools module, click Goals. Alternatively, you can access the Administrator Panel and in the Tools and Utilities section, select Goals.
  2. On the Goals page, point to Add Goal Set to access the drop-down list and select Create New Goal Set.
  3. In the pop-up box, type the Set Name.
  4. For Associate to Context, click Browse and select a place to associate the goal set to.
  5. Type the Set Type. If the Set Type already exists, it appears as you type.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Type the name of a category. Each goal set must have one category.
  8. Click Add Goal.
  9. Type the Goal Text. This text appears in the list of goals.
  10. Type the Goal Type.
  11. Click Submit.