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Blackboard Help

Managing the Services Tab

The Services tab displays links. Most often, these links point to other services offered at your school. Service links can be organized into folders and subfolders to create an outline of services.

How to Manage Services

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Communities, click Tabs and Modules.
  2. Click Tabs.
  3. In the Services tab's contextual menu, click Services. The following table describes the available tasks.
    To . . . click . . .
    order the links the double arrow icon to the left of the service to drag the service to the appropriate position.
    follow a link the hyperlink of a Web link to follow the link to a Web site.
    add a link

    Create Web Link.

    edit a link

    Edit for a particular link.

    remove a link Delete for a link to permanently remove it from the tab. This action is irreversible.
    add folder

    Create Folder

    view links and folders within a folder the folder name. A page view will appear with all the folders and links that appear in that folder.
    remove a folder Delete for a folder to permanently remove it from the tab. This action is irreversible and will also remove any links and folders that appear within that folder.
    edit a folder

    Edit for a folder.

    copy a folder Copy for a folder.
  4. Click Submit.