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Blackboard Help

Managing Modules

Modules are packets of content that appear on the My Institution tab or customized module tabs. From the Manage Modules page administrators add and edit modules as well as control the content of modules.

To determine which modules appear on a tab, use the Default Content page for a particular content area.

How to Manage Modules

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, click Tabs and Modules.
  2. Click Modules. The following table describes the available tasks.
    Managing Modules
    To Click
    Add a module Create Module in the action bar.
    Delete a module The check box for the module in the list, then Delete in the action bar.
    Edit a module Edit Properties from the contextual menu for a module in the list. Set system availability from this menu.
    Customize the content of a module Edit Contents from the contextual menu for a module in the list.
    View a module The module name. The module will appear as users see it on a tab.
  3. Click Submit.

Content Collection Modules

If your school licenses content management, an additional set of Portal Modules is available:

  • Content Collection: Bookmarks
  • Content Collection: Institution Content
  • Content Collection: My Content
  • Content Collection: My Portfolios
  • Content Collection: Organization Content
  • Content Collection: Search Content
  • Content Collection: Workflow Activities
  • Content Collection: Course Content - WARNING! Making this module available to students might give them access to course content that instructors do not want them to view. This module displays all of the content in the Content Collection for the course, regardless of adaptive release settings.