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Adaptive Release

Adaptive release of content provides controls to release content to users based on a set of rules created by the instructor. The rules may be related to availability, date and time, individual usernames, membership in course groups, review status of another item in the course, and Grade Center items such as scores, attempts, and calculated columns.

If adaptive release is turned on by an administrator, it is available to all instructors to use within their courses.

If adaptive release is turned off, all data is saved. Content will be available based on availability and date. Adaptive release rules will be ignored. If adaptive release is made available again, all rules associated with items will appear and be unchanged.

How to Manage Adaptive Release

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Tools and Utilities, click Tools.
  2. Locate the adaptive release Course Tool using the navigation options at the bottom of the page. The type of tool is noted in the second column to distinguish between system, course, or organization tools.
  3. Access the Adaptive Release tool's contextual menu and click Edit.
  4. Set the Tool Availability.
  5. Click Submit.