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Managing Librarians

Librarians are Blackboard Learn users responsible for managing content within one or more areas of the Library in the Content Collection. These users are granted read, write, manage, and remove permissions to one or more areas of the Library. Initially, no librarians exist in the system. Administrators need to grant librarian permissions to specific users.

Any combination of permissions can be granted to a user assigned a librarian role. To add files to the Library, a librarian user needs read and write permission. To set sub-folder and file permissions for other users, a librarian needs manage permission. To remove items, delete permission is needed.

Librarians with manage permission can add permissions for others within one or more areas of the Library. With appropriate permissions librarians can be responsible for creating other librarians and for overseeing the management of all content in the Library.

How to Create a Librarian User

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Content Management, section, select Manage Content.
  2. On the Content Collection page, click the Permissions icon in the library row.
  3. On the Manage Permissions: library page, click Select Specific Users on the action bar.
  4. On the Add User: library page, for the Username, enter the name of the user to have librarian permissions. You can use the Browse option to locate the user.

  5. In the Set Permissions section, select the appropriate check boxes. In general, librarians should have full permissions to content within their assigned areas.
  6. Select the Overwrite option only if the user had any previous permissions to the Library or an area within the Library. This will overwrite previous permissions with the newly permissions selected.
  7. Click Submit.