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The create-all-user-directories command-line tool creates folders in the /users directory for all users who are entitled to a user folder. After creating user directories, user folders can be pre-populated with content before the user even enters the Content Collection. Users who are entitled to folders are selected by administrators. They are granted virtual hard drive space on the system and their school roles are selected. This must be set up before administrators use this tool.

When you run this tool, the following directories are created:

  • Course folders in courses
  • Organization folders in organizations
  • Course folders in eReserves

The courses and organizations must already exist in Blackboard Learn for the folders to be created in the Content Collection. The ability to create folders corresponds to the availability of the /courses and /organization areas. If, for example, /courses is not available, folders cannot be created for /courses.

If this tool is not run, the user folder is created the first time a user accesses the Content Collection.