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Blackboard Help

Feature and Tool Availability

You can manage which features and tools within the Content Collection are available to users.

  1. Access the Administrator Panel.
  2. In the Content Management module, click Feature and Tool Management.
  3. On the Feature and Tool Management page, click Feature and Tool Availability.
  4. Select or clear options.

Display Options

Feature and tool availability is managed separately from the availability of actions performed on content. The Display Options page allows you to select which actions users may perform on content. You can also manage which information about content is made available to users, such as size and permissions information.

The Display Options page is available in the Content Management module on the Administrator Panel.

Feature and Tool Availability Settings

The following table describes the available fields.

Field Description
Content Collection Availability
Content Collection Available Select Yes to make the Content Collection available to users. Select No and the Content Collection is unavailable on the system. If No is selected, neither the Content Collection tab nor links to Content Collection tools appear in the system.
Feature Availability
File Passes Available To learn more, see Using Passes to Share Content With Users Outside the System.
Folder Passes Available To learn more, see About Folders and Items.
Versions Available To learn more, see Manage Versions of Items.
Locks Available To learn more, see Editing Folder Properties.
Content Comments Available To learn more, see Setting Folder Comments as Private or Shared and Manage Item Comments.
Content Tracking Available To learn more, see Editing Folder PropertiesTrack Changes to Items, and How to Enable Statistics Tracking and View Statistics Reports.
Statistics Available  
Tool Availability
Workflow Actions Available To learn more, see Workflows.
Bookmarks Available To learn more, see Bookmarks.
Search Available  
Go to Location Available If enabled, users can go directly to a specific location in the system that has been shared with them.
Help Available If enabled, users can access Blackboard Help from the Tools section in the Content Collection.
Personal Settings Available  
Content Collection View Availability
Content Collection View Available Select Yes to permit access to the Content Collection. When the Content Collection is available, users can access all files in the Content Collection and files stored in a specific course. Select No to use the Course Files view. This option permits users to access content in their own courses only.
Reusable Object Availability
Reusable Objects Available

Select Yes to allow users to create reusable objects in the Content Collection. Existing reusable objects are not affected by changing this setting.

Once you select Yes, the Build drop-down list appears on the the action bar in the Content Collection. Users must assign the appropriate permissions to allow other users to discover and use the reusable objects they create. Users can create six types of reusable objects:

  • Assignment
  • Course Content
  • Discussion Topic
  • External Link
  • Grade Center
  • HTML Object

To learn more, see Create and Use Reusable Objects.

Discover Reusable Objects Available

Select Yes to permit the discovery of reusable objects in content areas in courses and organizations. Users may also search the learning objects catalog for reusable objects. Existing reusable objects are not affected by changing this setting. To discover reusable objects made by other users in the Content Collection, users must make an additional setting in their courses.

  1. Access a course.
  2. On the Control Panel, expand the Customization section and select Properties.
  3. On the Properties page, in the Course Files section, select the option for Display all Content Collection options.
  4. Click Submit.