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Blackboard Help

Configuring Performance Settings

The Manage Performance Settings page allows administrators to specify caching options for files and queries. These settings can improve performance for users in the Content Collection.

How to Configure Performance Settings

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Technical Settings.
  2. Click Performance Settings. The following table describes the available fields.
    Field Description
    Performance Settings
    File cache size Provide the size of the cache in megabytes. Caching files in memory improves performance by reducing the number of read operations from disk. The default setting of 1 MB allows for caching of small, commonly used files. This setting can be increased if desired, but not above 10 MB.
    Query statement cache enabled Select Yes to enable the system to cache query statements. This improves performance if the same query statements are used multiple times. Select No and query statements will not be cached. The default setting is Yes. Enabling query statement caching significantly improves performance, but consumes a small amount of additional memory.
    Maximum Responses to a Search Provide the number of resources returned in response to a WebDAV resource search request. This prevents the system from overloading itself with one request. The default value returns 1000 responses.