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Outcomes Alignment

After goals have been created in the Goals tool, they need to be aligned with Unit level goals, Program level goals, Course level goals, and Educational Experiences level goals so that reporting can take place. Alignments show how institutional goals relate to one another and how they relate to external or internal goals.

Alignment always occurs between goals or between a goal and goal categories. The goals of one Course, Program, or Unit can be aligned with the goals of one or many other Courses, Programs, Units or Categories. By aligning goals, complex reporting can be achieved. For example, the Program level goal of students demonstrating critical thinking skills for a Bachelor of Science degree can be aligned with the Course level goal for multiple courses offered by different Units such as Modern English Literature, Concepts of Industrial Design, and Techniques in Molecular Biology. Critical thinking skills can be measured and demonstrated differently for each course in each Unit, but the goal itself remains constant throughout and can be aligned from the course level to the program level.

Goals can be aligned to:

  • Course evaluation and survey questions
  • Improvement initiatives and projects
  • Evidence
  • Portfolio templates
  • Artifact templates
  • Content and activities in a course content area
  • Course Grade Center columns