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Managing Alignments

Before Alignment can take place, Goals must be added to Outcomes Assessment. Users are then able to create alignments between Goals that they have privilege to and those that are made public by other users.

Adding Alignments

To add an Alignment to an existing Goal, navigate to and edit that Goal.

Goals may be aligned with multiple Goals to mirror the different ways that these entities interrelate at an institution. For example, an external Program level Goal from an accreditation agency might align with many Course and Educational Experience Goals to provide information about how each Course and Educational Experience supports the overall Program level Goal.

How to Align Course Content

Blackboard Learn Courses must be added to the Outcomes System in order to collect evidence based on the course content alignments. To learn more about adding Blackboard Learn Courses, see Adding Courses to the Outcomes System.

  1. From a course content area, beside a content item, access the contextual menu.

    You can align Goals to anything in the content area, such as files and discussions.

  2. Select Add Alignments.

    Image illustrating associated text

  3. Browse and select the Goals to align the content to.
  4. Click Submit.

    The selected Goals appear in the content item.

    Image illustrating associated text

How to Align Grade Center Columns

  1. Beside a Grade Center Column heading, access the contextual menu and select View and Add Alignments.

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  2. Browse and select the Goals to align the Grade Center column to.
  3. Click Submit.

To learn more, see Outcomes Question Types, Tags, and Goals.

Removing Alignments

To remove an Alignment, select the Alignment and click Remove. After an Alignment has been removed, future reporting data may be affected.