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Blackboard Help

Adding Courses to the Outcomes System

Blackboard Learn courses must be added as course sections to the Outcomes System so users can collect evidence of student work from them.

How to Add Courses

  1. Navigate to the place you want to add the course.
  2. From the Plan Measure Improve panel, under Curriculum, click Courses.
  3. Click Create Course.

    You are not creating a Blackboard Learn course. At this point you are creating a container for Blackboard Learn courses. For example, you may wish to create a Student Orientation course that runs across disciplines and terms. Create a Student Orientation course here and add each Blackboard Learn course that this course container represents, as Course Sections.

  4. Optionally type a Course ID.

    If you do not type one, a unique ID will be automatically generated. This is not the same ID as a Blackboard Learn course.

  5. Type a Course Name.
  6. Complete the remaining Course Information and Details using the drop-down lists provided.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Click the course you just created to open it.
  9. Click Course Sections.
  10. Click Create Section and select Course Section.
  11. Type a Section ID.

    If you do not type one, a unique ID will be automatically generated.

  12. Type a Section Name.

    The Section Name should be descriptive to inform other users what Blackboard Learn course this section is. For example, each section may be the same Blackboard Learn course but with different instructors and being offered at different times throughout the year. Give each section a unique name to identify them.

  13. Select Public, if you want other users to be able to view the sections.
  14. From the Term drop-down list, select a term.
  15. Beside the Blackboard Learn Course ID, browse for the Blackboard Learn course you want to add to this section.
  16. Complete the Course Offering Details and Section Date and Time.
  17. Click Submit.