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Creating Affiliations

Affiliations are the internal connections between Person Records and Units, Programs, and Sections. One Person Record may be affiliated with multiple entities. For example, a student may be affiliated with the Unit that represents the institution as a whole, the Unit that represents the student’s major field of study, and the Unit that represents financial aid. This same Person Record may also be affiliated with a Program such as a Bachelor’s degree, and all the Sections of the Courses the student was enrolled in during a particular time period.

Adding Affiliations

Affiliations can be added manually or they can be batch added from the Administrator Panel or from any Unit, Program, or Section. Affiliations that are made Public appear to all users on their list pages. Affiliations that are not public appear only to the users in the owning Unit, Program or Section.

Each affiliation must have its own unique affiliation ID. These IDs can be generated automatically, or they can be created by the Institution. The advantage of creating institutional affiliation IDs is that they can be coded in such a way as to provide some basic information. For example, an affiliation ID such as "2006_bio_CM_788903" is composed of the year, the Unit of Affiliation, the person’s first and last initial, and the last six digits of their institutional ID number. A generated affiliation ID generated would not have any defining characteristics.

The information required for defining the creation of new Affiliations within an institution is determined by the institution and is controlled by configurable forms available in the Template Builder located on the Administrator Panel. Depending on the individual requirements of an Affiliation’s definition, data collection fields that reflect the types of data desired can be added. To learn more, see Configuring the Outcomes Environment.

The Template Manager can modify the Affiliation form(s) at any time. Updates appear next time an existing Affiliation using that form is viewed. If changes to the form include the addition of new required field, the Outcomes Assessment user must provide an entry for the new required field next time the Affiliation record is modified through the user interface. If changes to the form include the removal of a field from the form, that field remains in the database. If a value had been entered for that field any existing Affiliation record, that value remains in the database for that Affiliation record unless that value was explicitly removed from that record prior to the field being removed from the form. An Outcomes Assessment user can use Batch Edit to update or remove fields in an Affiliation record that do not appear on the Affiliation form.

The list page that displays all the Affiliations within a Unit can be modified so that columns can be added, removed or reordered. The header of the columns can be renamed as well. Use these modifications to display the most useful information to users working in the application.

Person Record Affiliations are not aggregated from Sub-Units. For example, if the Outcomes Assessment user navigates to a Unit and does a Person Record Affiliation search, matching Person Record Affiliations from Units, Programs, or Sections within that Operating Unit do not appear.

Editing and Removing Affiliations

Affiliations can be editing manually or Batch modified from the Administrator Panel or from any Unit, Program, or Section.

Removing an Affiliation does not remove the Person Record.

Affiliations Reports

Affiliations Reports that are available within the system include a Summary Report for one or more Affiliations and a Detailed Report for one or more Affiliations. Users may select whether the Report is to be generated only for Affiliations within to the specific Unit, Program, or Section, or if sub-entities are included.

Outcomes Assessment users who have access to Administrator Panel are able to access a list page containing all Affiliations for a Person Record. Within the list page search results for that Person Record search, there is a numeral representing the number of Person Record Affiliations for that Person Record. Click the Affiliations link numeral to display a list page that contains all Person Record Affiliations for that Person Record.