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Managing Programs

Programs are managed by controlling the Program Properties, the Users who have access to the entities within a Program, the Program’s Person Record Affiliations, and the Content and Collaboration sites linked to the Program.

Program Properties

The properties of a Program are defined by the Programs template available in the Template Builder located on the Administrator Panel. The properties of a Program can be modified by clicking Properties: Program.


Add and remove users and assign Program roles using the Users link. Programs are a context within Outcomes Assessment and as such have their own sets of users that have permissions to access and manipulate entities that are part of the Program. To learn more about contextual roles, see Accessing the Outcomes Assessment Environment.


Person Records in the system must be affiliated with a Program to be added to any Distribution Lists for Surveys, Course Evaluations, or Outcomes Portfolios. Person Records also must be affiliated with the Program to have their data added to any reports generated from the Program based on enrollment or other person-centered information. Person-centered information could include, for example, students that are enrolled in a Program, the instructors who are teaching Courses in the Program, the department chairs whose faculty members teach the Courses in the Program, and curriculum committee members who are reviewing the Program. To learn more about Person Records and Affiliations, see Outcomes Affiliations.

Content Collection and Collaboration Site

The Collaboration Site button links to one Organization through community engagement so that the Program has communication and collaboration tools available. The Organization that the Program links to must be created separately using the Administrator Panel. Selection of an Organization does not enroll the Program users in the Organization. Enrollment must be established separately and is not impacted if this connection is later removed.

The Content Collection button links to the documents and files that can be stored in a common folder.