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Adding Curriculum Maps

A Curriculum Map plots Courses and Program Goals along the axes of a grid. Courses and Program Goals must be added to Outcomes Assessment before the Curriculum Map can be created automatically. Place holders for additional Courses (rows) and Program Goals (columns) can be manually added to an automatically generated map. A Curriculum Map also can be created manually by adding rows and columns individually.

Curriculum Maps belong to Programs, so you access the Curriculum Map tool from a Program’s homepage.

After a map has been added, a 360º View Report of the Curriculum Map becomes available by clicking the 360º View icon. This report contains links to other 360º View Reports and is formatted for printing.

The Template for Curriculum Maps is not available in Template Builder and cannot be edited.

How to Add a Curriculum Map

  1. Navigate to the Program you want to add a Curriculum Map to.
  2. From the Program Home Page, click Curriculum Maps.

    Image illustrating associated text

  3. Click Create Curriculum Map.
  4. Complete the Curriculum Map:
    • Name: This is a required field and must be filled out.
    • Description: The description appears on the Curriculum Map list page and can help other users identify a specific map.
    • Public: Curriculum Maps that are public are available to all users in the system. Maps that are not public only appear to users who are members of the Program that owns the map.
    • Term: Click a Term to select it and associate it to the Curriculum Map. Multiple Terms may be selected by holding down SHIFT or CTRL while clicking. Terms are added by clicking Template Builder and then Terms on the Administrator Panel. Terms added to the system automatically populate the text box.
    • Status: Select the status of a Curriculum Map from the drop-down list. Selections include Draft, Inactive, Active, and Complete.
    • Point of Contact: Add a name or other information such as an email address so users may contact the author or owner of the Curriculum Map.
  5. Select to Automatically Include: Courses, Educational Experiences, and Program Goals.
  6. Click Submit. This opens the Curriculum Map Grid.
  7. Edit the Curriculum Map Grid:
    1. Add or remove Curriculum rows and Program Goals columns to the Grid.
    2. Click Edit. This opens the Select Levels of Support page.

      Image illustrating associated text

    3. Select one or more levels of support.

      Image illustrating associated text

    4. Click Submit. This takes you back to the Curriculum Map Grid.
    5. Click Submit.