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Adding Improvement Initiatives

Improvement Initiatives are created within a Unit using the Plan Measure Improve menu. Improvement Initiatives are added manually. Improvement Initiatives that are made Public appear to all users on their list pages. Improvement Initiatives that are not public appear only to the users in the owning Unit.

The information required for defining the creation of new Improvement Initiatives within an institution is determined by the institution and is controlled by configurable forms available in the Template Builder located in the Administrator Panel. Depending on the individual requirements of an Improvement Initiative’s definition, data collection fields that reflect the types of data desired can be added. To learn more, see Accessing the Outcomes Assessment Environment.

How to Add an Improvement Initiative

  1. Navigate to the Unit you want to add an Improvement Initiative to.
  2. From the Plan/Measure/Improve panel, under instruments click Improvement Initiatives.

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  3. Click Add Improvement Initiative.
  4. Complete the Improvement Initiative:
    • ID: This is an optional field. If you do not enter an ID, one will be automatically created.
    • Name: This is a required field and must be filled out. Use some descriptive and easily searched by other users.
    • Public: Improvement Initiatives that are public are available to all users in the system. Improvement Initiatives that are not public only appear to users who are members of the Program that owns the Improvement Initiative.
    • Status: Select the status of a Curriculum Map from the drop-down list. Selections include Draft, Inactive, Active, and Complete.
    • Point of Contact: Add a name or other information such as an email address so users may contact the author or owner of the Curriculum Map.
    • Description: The description appears on the Improvement Initiative list page and can help other users identify a specific Improvement Initiative.

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  5. Select the Dates of Availability.
  6. Add an attachment. Click Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection to select files that are related to this Improvement Initiative and add them for easy reference later.
  7. Click Submit.