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Associating Improvement Projects to Improvement Initiatives

Improvement Initiatives can be associated with multiple Improvement Projects. The number of associated Improvement Projects appears as a numerical link on the list page for Improvement Initiatives. Clicking the link opens a page listing all the associated projects as well as their 360º View and other information.

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Improvement Initiative managers have the ability to email users in any of the listed Improvement Projects by selecting one or more Improvement Projects and clicking Email Improvement Project Users. Improvement Initiative managers may click Request Improvement Project Creation to email Managers or Secure Managers in a Unit to request that they create a new Improvement Project in support of the Improvement Initiative.

Improvement Project associations to Improve Initiatives are created within the Improvement Project.

How to Request Improvement Project Creation

After an Improve Initiative is created, you can request that an Improvement Project be created and associated to begin collecting evidence in support of the Initiative.

  1. Navigate to the Improvement Initiative and access the contextual menu.
  2. Select Request Improvement Project Creation.
  3. Complete the request.

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    1. Select the unit roles to send the request to: Manager, Participant, and/or Secure Manager.
    2. Select the units to send the request to.
    3. Type a Subject.
    4. Select an Improvement Project Template from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Submit.