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Managing Assessment Projects

Once evidence has been collected to an assessment project it can be analyzed. Users begin their analysis by sampling artifacts of the evidence collected to further reduce the amount of data that will be evaluated for institutional assessment needs. Once a sample has been run evaluation can occur.

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Status and Next Steps

At the top of each assessment project screen there is a status panel that reminds users of what has been completed in the assessment project. It also identifies the next steps that can be taken, such as Sample Artifacts, Stop Collection, Create Evaluation Session, and Run a Report.

How to Sample Artifacts in an Assessment Project

  1. Click the assessment project you want to sample.
  2. Click Sample Artifacts.
  3. Select to Include All Artifacts or Randomly Select Artifacts.

    When choosing to select samples randomly you must define the total number of submissions you want to include. You can also define a minimum number of submissions to be selected from each item. If the requested minimum from each item exceeds the total number of submissions needed, the sample set will be based on the greater total.

  4. Click Submit.

How to Create an Evaluation Session

After a sample is taken, you can create an evaluation session within the assessment project.

  1. Click Create Evaluation Session.
  2. Beside Select Evaluators, browse for one or more evaluators.
  3. Under Evaluation Setting select the number of evaluators you need to evaluate each artifact.
  4. Beside Grading Rubrics, browse for a rubrics for evaluators to use.
  5. Select the Due Date.
  6. Click Start Session.

Evaluators are notified using email that you have chosen them as evaluators for this session. The email contains a link to their own Evaluator View along with your email address.