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Viewing Portfolio Templates

After a Portfolio Template is created within a context—Unit, Workspace, Program, Course, or Educational Experience—other users in that context can view it. If the template has been made public, viewers outside of that context can view it.

Expand the view of listed Portfolio Templates by clicking Show Descendents to view all templates in all sub-contexts of the given Unit, including Workspaces.

The expanded list includes all Portfolio Templates that are public as well as all Portfolio Templates that the user has access to by being a member of that Unit and all sub-Units and related contexts.

The expanded view of Portfolio Templates displays the context that created or owns each template. This informs viewers of the level in which each Portfolio Template exists. Information on templates that are deployed by users who do not own the template is included in the expanded views. The number of deployments is included in the expanded view, and clicking on the count takes the user to that instrument’s context and the associated deployment page.

Using the expanded view for listing all Portfolio Templates within a given Unit and its sub-Units is valuable for viewing how master templates are shared with other contexts and so that the owning Unit can access reporting data as well as any sub-Unit deploying the template. For example, a Director of Assessment defines an Undergraduate Student Portfolio template from the Institutional Research Unit, makes it public, and selects Allow Deployment. The Undergraduate Student Portfolio template becomes deployable in other Places. Other users can subsequently create a new deployment by selecting Deploy from Catalog. When a user in the Institutional Research Unit selects the expanded view of Portfolio Templates, all the templates owned by that Unit and its sub-Units are displayed. Any sub-Unit that deployed the Undergraduate Student Portfolio template appears in the list with the owning Unit appearing beneath.

Portfolio Template Overview Page

Image corresponding to the key below

Item corresponding to the image above  Edit the template Properties, Styles, Targets, Rubrics, and Settings. You can also create a deployment from here.

Item corresponding to the image above  Distribute the Portfolio Template to recipients using an existing Distribution List or existing affiliations.

Item corresponding to the image above  Run reports to evaluate the portfolio using a selected rubric.