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Evaluating Portfolio Submissions

After students and other constituents have completed their Outcomes Portfolios, they are submitted to the deployment context of the Portfolio Template. Portfolio evaluators are defined by their role in that context and can manage and access pending evaluation activities from a standard Blackboard Learn module. The module can be added to and removed from the standard portal tabs inside Blackboard Learn.

The module displays to evaluators with access to evaluate Portfolio submissions on one tab and Artifacts submissions on another tab. On the Portfolios tab, each deployment lists a count of the Portfolio submissions that have not been evaluated. Deployments with no pending evaluations or that are no longer active are not displayed in the list.

Evaluators can click the name of a deployment to view the associated Portfolio Template. Evaluators can initiate an evaluation of a submission from the module. However, the evaluator will be transported to the corresponding outcomes assessment context and taken away from the module to complete the evaluation.