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Deploying Outcomes Artifact Templates

Artifact Templates are generally distributed to students and other constituents first so they can add content, and then submit the content for evaluation. This form of deployment can allow for an iterative process of feedback and revision, but this is not required. Once submitted work is evaluated, feedback can be sent to the student. The student can then revise their work according to the feedback they received and resubmit it for additional reviews. As well, students can be given the option with this deployment method, of completing a self evaluation.

You can also choose to bypass the student and have the templates sent directly to the evaluators. Do this if student input is not required. Evaluators can input their evaluation of samples of student work collected from faculty. Evaluators can also use Collected Evidence to compile samples of student work found in units, programs, courses, and educational experiences students are enrolled in.

Goals must be aligned to units, programs, courses, and educational experiences in order for the collected evidence to be complete. To learn more, see Goals in Outcomes Assessment. The decision to send the template directly to evaluators is made during the template creation.

How to Deploy an Outcomes Artifact Template

The Course Announcement and System Announcement methods may be unavailable. You cannot post an announcement to a course or system-wide unless your institution assigned role has permission to do so.

  1. Navigate to the Outcomes Artifact Template.
  2. Click Modify.
  3. Select Deployments.
  4. Click Add Deployment.
  5. Type a Name and Description.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Select Distribution.
  8. Choose to distribute to All Affiliated Persons or Distribution Lists.
    • Select All Affiliated Persons to distribute to all persons affiliated with this place.
    • Under Distribution Lists click Browse, select the distribution list and click Submit to distribute to distribution lists.
  9. Set the Deployment Methods. Select Course Announcement, System Announcement, or Email.
  10. Click Submit.