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Archiving and Publishing Reports

After a report is run, it can be stored in the Reports Archive for the context in which it was run. For example, a report run within a Unit is stored in the Archive for that Unit. A report run for a Survey or other instrument is stored in the Archive for the context associated with instrument. A report that is in the Archive can also be stored in the Content Collection. After a report is in the Archive, it can be shared throughout Outcomes Assessment.

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How to Archive Reports

After a report is successfully run:

  1. Click Archive Report.
  2. Type a Name for the archive.
  3. Select Public, if you want for all users to see the archive.
  4. Select Secure.
  5. Under Publications, click Browse to select places to publish a link to the archived report.

    Publishing a report places it in the Reports Archive for that context. Reports can be published to:

    • Programs
    • Improvement Initiatives
    • Courses
    • Units
    • Improvement Projects
    • Workspaces
    • Educational Experiences

    A published report can only be modified from its original context.

  6. Click Include Descendants, if you want contexts branched from the one you are in to view the archived report.
  7. Click Submit.

Viewing Archived Reports

Each context includes a Reports Archive that lists reports. From the Reports Archive, users can view reports, share reports, and modify some of the information about the report. Navigate to the context and on the Plan/Measure/Improve panel, select Reports Archive.