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Course Structure: Conference Session

Designed as a collaborative web environment for you and your co-presenters to plan and build session material, the conference session course structure serves as an interactive community for participants before, during, and after the conference.

You can make areas such as Session Plans available only to the presenters, and allow participants to view the Research and Resources & Links areas.

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What Does the Course Menu Look Like?

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Using Your Course Menu

Content Areas and Course Tools in the Conference Session Course Structure
Content Type Description
Announcements With Announcements as the course entry point, participants will see news upon entering the course. You can provide session reminders and changes to the schedule to help keep everyone on track.

To learn more, see Managing Announcements.

Session Information In the Session Information content area, include basic information such as the date, time, and location of the session, and a program description.

To learn more, see Creating Content in a Course Area.

My Presenter List presenters' biographies and contact information in My Presenter so participants can learn more about each presenter or contact them with questions.

To learn more, see Contacts.

Session Materials Post content in Session Materials for participants to access and download. You can make readings and handouts available prior to the session, and follow up after by uploading the presenter's slideshow or video recordings of the session.

To learn more, see Creating Content in a Course Area.

Resources & Links In the Resources & Links content area, you can share additional material such as relevant web articles and a research bibliography.

To learn more, see Creating Content in a Course Area.

Participation In the Participation content area, participants can share thoughts and ask questions in the discussion forums and blogs. Create a lively discussion on your session's topic by posing questions and responding to participants' ideas.

To learn more, see Creating Content in a Course Area, About the Discussion Board, and Blogs.

Research Visible only to presenters, you can use the Research content area to share files and links during the session research and planning process.

To learn more, see Creating Content in a Course Area.

Session Plans Plan your session by collaborating in the Session Plans content area, visible only to presenters. You can exchange versions of the slideshow or script, generate ideas for discussion topics or blog entries, and distribute responsibilities among presenters.

To learn more, see Creating Content in a Course Area.

Tools Give participants access to all available course tools on a single page. Add commonly used course tools to the course menu for easy access.

To learn more, see Managing Tool Availability.

Help Blackboard Help contains searchable how-to information.

Customize the course structure by renaming, removing, hiding, or adding content areas and links to tools.