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Notification Types and Removal

Notification Types

These are the types of notifications that Blackboard Learn generates, if the notification type is set to On in the Edit Notifications Settings area:

  • announcement available
  • assignment available
  • assignment due or past due
  • assignment submitted or assignment submitted late, for group assignments only
  • attempt edited
  • content item available
  • content item's start date has passed
  • content item's adaptive release criteria is met by a student
  • course available
  • gradable item due or past due
  • grade cleared - the attempt is removed from the Grade Center
  • item graded
  • item needs grading
  • Retention Center rule criterion is met by student
  • survey available
  • survey due or overdue
  • test available
  • test due or overdue
  • unread blog posts
  • unread journal entries
  • unread discussions
  • wiki attempts, for group wikis only

Events that Remove Notifications

An item's notification is deleted when:

  • a course item is deleted
  • a course is made unavailable
  • a course item's end date is reached
  • a student submits the test, survey, or assignment that generated an item available notification
  • an instructor grades the item that generated a needs grading notification
  • a course item's adaptive release rules are no longer met by the student
  • for a course item with review enabled, notification of the item's availability is deleted after it is marked as reviewed
  • unread discussion board posts, blog entries, and journal entries are viewed
  • a student no longer meets a Retention Center rule criterion
  • an item has passed its duration as determined by administrator settings — the default setting is 120 days