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Early Warning System

Your school determines which tool you can access for creating rules. You may see the Retention Center instead of the Early Warning System. To learn more, see Using the Retention Center.

The Early Warning System helps you recognize when a student performance problem is emerging or becoming more serious. You can use this rule-driven communication tool to send email messages to students and their observers when Early Warning System rule criteria are met. You create rules based on a test score, calculated column, due date, or course access.

You can communicate a warning in an email message to the student only, to a parent or advisor that is assigned as an observer, or both. You can use the default message or edit it. The Notification History creates a record for each Early Warning message sent.

When using the Early Warning System, keep the following in mind:

  • The Early Warning System does not continuously monitor the course. You need to refresh the Early Warning System rules periodically to discover incidents that trigger a warning. The Early Warning System does not automatically notify students and observers; notification email messages are sent by instructors from the Review Rule Status page.
  • Your school may turn off access to the Early Warning System based on their policies. If the Early Warning System is on at the system level, you may still turn it off within your course.

Using the Early Warning System With the Performance Dashboard

In the Performance Dashboard, the Early Warning Column shows the number of warnings for a student and the total number of rules that may trigger a warning. Clicking the data in this column will open the Early Warning System. The Early Warning System column displays only if the tool is turned on in your course.

video"  Sending Notifications (Flash Movie | 3m 42s)