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Monitoring Student Activity

You can track student activity, such as attendance, in your courses. Blackboard Learn has different tools to track student logins, the time students have spent in your course, and what pages in your course they are accessing.

  • Statistics Tracking: With statistics tracking, you can run a report to view detailed information about your content, including how many times an item was viewed by students and when it was accessed. To learn more, see Running Statistics Reports.
  • Course Reports: With course reports, you can get a detailed picture of student activity in your course. This includes details about which students are accessing your course and when. To learn more, see Generating Course Reports.
  • Performance Dashboard: The Performance Dashboard provides you with a view into all types of user activity in your course. To learn more, see Using the Performance Dashboard.
  • Last Access Grade Center user column: One of the default user columns, the Last Access  column identifies when a user last accessed your course. To learn more, see Creating and Managing Grade Center Columns.