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Self and Peer Assessment

The Self and Peer Assessment Building Block is a tool designed to facilitate the objective, analytical, and learning comprehension skills of students. Reviewing the work of fellow students through criteria-based reference evaluation allows constructive feedback. The constructive feedback that students give to and receive from their peers can enhance their comprehension of the subject material and provide valuable insights into their own efforts.

Self and Peer Assessments can help distribute the workload and ensure that students receive feedback from several individuals. Students also benefit from the analytical experience of evaluating submissions against defined criteria.

You can export these tests, along with their questions and criteria, and then import them for later use.

Questions provide structure and content to the assessment. They are simple ("What is 2 plus 2?") or complex ("Describe the main reason for the fall of the Roman Empire.").

The criteria accompanying each question provide the means to evaluate the responses to those questions. The number or criteria can also range from one ("Did the answer = 4?") to many:

  • Does the response place the issue within the broader context of the subject?
  • Is the response well organized and clearly laid out?
  • Was the response proofread carefully? Was it free of significant grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors?

Features and Functions

Tests are precisely scheduled to allow the proper time for the submission and evaluation process to be completed; including the time to access any content items associated with an assessment.

You have the option of using both self and anonymous evaluations. These options may provide a comfort level that can result in more candid tests and evaluations. However, they can also impact the integrity of the assessment process.

Enabling the Self and Peer Assessment Building Block

The Self and Peer Assessment Building Block is included in Blackboard Learn. By default, it is turned on and available for use immediately. If it is not available, contact your school.

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