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Previewing the Assessment

You can preview an assessment in two ways:

  • Submission Preview
  • Evaluation Preview

These options provide with a way to see the tests exactly as your students will. You can also use these preview options to fine-tune an assessment.

The Preview option is available on the Assessment Canvas page for the appropriate assessment. Select either Submission or Evaluation from the drop-down list.

Viewing the Submission Preview Page

The Submissions Preview page offers a complete view of an assessment. To preview a question, click its name.

Preview pages are read-only. You cannot make edits.

Using the Evaluation Preview Page

The Evaluations Preview page offers a view of all of the evaluations, regardless of their status. The following table describes features of this page.

Evaluations Preview
Function Description
Evaluator links

Click the evaluator username to display his or her Evaluation page. Each question is displayed in a grouping of tabs.

Navigate through the tabs to display the submitted response for that question.

For questions that contain a model response and which has been made available, click Model Response to display the model response for that question in a separate window.

Status Displays the status of the evaluation. In preview mode, the status is always Not Started.
Points Allocated Displays the number of points given out of how many points are possible. In preview mode, it is displayed as 0 / xxx.