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Test and Survey Question Status

The test and survey question completion status is a tool to provide students with a quick up-to-date view of their progress (complete or incomplete questions) in an assessment at all times.

Using the Question Completion Status Tool

The Save Answer function next to each question provides a visual reminder to students to save their work periodically.

Whenever a student is taking an assessment, the completion status of questions appears at the top of the page, just below the Instructions box. The question completion status remains at the top of the page even as the student scrolls down through the assessment. Use the double arrows to expand or collapse the status section.

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When the student answers a question and moves to the next question in a question-by-question assessment, the status box is updated to show that the previous question was answered. If the student does not answer a question and moves to the next question, the status box shows that the previous question was not answered.

The student can navigate between questions by clicking the question number in the status box. This is applicable only to tests deployed all at once or question by question where backtracking is permitted.

While taking an all-at-once assessment, students can use a Save function to the right of each question to save this specific question without scrolling to the bottom of the page to save.

Saving either a single question or all of the questions that have been answered (with the Save function at the bottom of the page) changes the question completion status to show which questions have been completed.

How to View Test or Survey Results

  1. In the Grade Center, navigate to the test or survey’s column.
  2. Access the column's contextual menu.
  3. Select Attempts Statistics. The results display on the Statistics page.

Because surveys are anonymous, the results are delivered only as statistics, and it is not possible to view individual answers. If an open-ended essay question was included in the survey, all responses will be listed.