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Creating and Editing a Random Block

When creating tests, you can use random blocks to help ensure students see their own sets of questions. Random blocks select questions at random to be presented each time the test is taken.

Unlike question sets, random blocks draw questions from pools only. You can use more than one pool to draw your questions from.

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Before You Begin

When creating a random block:

  • You can choose to have the number of questions displayed be less than the total number of questions in the random block. For example, 3 questions display out of 50 total—the questions are randomly distributed so each student may see different sets of questions.
  • You can choose to have number of questions displayed equal the total number of questions in the random block. Then, all students view the same questions, but in random order for each student.
  • You cannot add a random block of questions from another test or survey.
  • You cannot include a random block in a survey or a pool.
  • You cannot use the search function or browse metadata when making your question selection for random blocks.

How to Create a Random Block of Questions for a Test

When you add questions to a test using the random block feature, each question is linked, not copied. Therefore, if you change the original question, the revised version of the question appears.

  1. Create or access a test.
  2. On the Test Canvas, point to Reuse Question on the action bar to access the drop-down list.
  3. Select Create Random Block.
  4. On the Create Random Block page, select one or more pools.
  5. Select at least one question type to include in the test. All questions that meet the criteria are added to the random block.
  6. Click Submit. The random block of questions is added to the test.
  7. Assign the Number of Questions to Display to students. Use a number less than the total number of questions to ensure varying questions are presented.
  8. Type a point value per question. This point value is assigned to every question in the random block. You cannot assign separate point values for individual questions in the same random block.
  9. Click Preview questions that match selected criteria to expand or collapse the list of questions. You can view and edit individual questions.

You cannot delete questions within a random block. Remove a question from the pool it appears in so it will not appear in the random selection for your test.

Editing and Deleting Random Blocks

From the test with the random block, access the random block's contextual menu to edit or delete it. From the Test Canvas, you can change the point value for each question in the random block or the number of questions to be used in the test.