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Working With Grade Center Reports

You can create printable reports for your courses and students. You can also create a progress report that contains all of the grades from a particular grading period for a defined group of students in a class, such as special-needs students or transfer students. You can print this report and hand it out to each student, parent, or guardian.

About Grade Center Reports

  • In reports, you can include all or a number of students, groups, and grade or calculated columns, a grading period, or all of the columns in a category.
  • You can customize reports in a variety of ways, including report header and footer information. You can also include a signature line, date, and course information.
  • When printing, only one student per page is allowed.
  • You can only choose students within one section to appear in a report. You must run a separate report for each section.

How to Create a Report

  1. On the action bar, point to Reports and select Create Report.
  2. Select information to include in the Header Information of the report and type in the appropriate fields.
  3. Select the users to include in the report:
    • All Users: All students in your course are included.
    • All Users in Group: Select a group to include. You must create groups before creating a report.
    • Selected Users: Select one or more students in your course. To select multiple students, press the SHIFT key and click the first and last items. To select items out of sequence, press the CTRL key and click each item needed. For Macs, press the COMMAND key instead of the CTRL key.
  4. Select the check box if you want to Include Hidden Users in Reports.
  5. Select the User Information to include in the report.
  6. Select the Columns to include in the report:
    Column Information
    Column Description
    All Columns Select to include all of the Grade Center columns in the report.
    All Columns in Grading Period Select to display all of the columns of a particular grading period in the report.
    All Columns in Category Select to display all of the columns of a particular category. Select a category to display the category’s columns.
    Selected Columns Select the columns to display in the report.
    Include Hidden Columns in Reports Click this check box to display any column that was hidden from the Grade Center view.
  7. Select the column information to include in the report. The column name and current grade appear automatically in the report, and you cannot delete these.
    • Description: Select to display the column’s description in the report.
    • Due Date: Select to display the column’s due date in the report.
    • Statistics: Click and select to display the class Average, Median, or Both for each calculated column of grade column included in the report.
  8. Select the footer information to include in the footer of the report. Choose from the following:
    • Custom Text: Select and provide text to appear in the footer section of the report.
    • Signature Line: Select to display a signature line on the report.
    • Date: Select to display the report creation date on the report. You can edit this.
    • Course Information: Select to display the course name and course ID on the report.
  9. Click Preview to open the report in a new browser window, leaving the report creation browser open.
  10. Click Submit. The report appears in a new browser window, but the report creation browser window will return to the Grade Center page.

Saving or Printing a Report

To save a report, use your browser's Save As function and choose the save location. The report will be saved as an HTML file, which can be opened using any compatible web browser.

To print a report, use your browser's print function. Select the appropriate options, including the printer location, paper, duplexing (if available), and so on.

For more information on how to save or print displayed content, see your browser's online help.

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