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Blackboard Help

Course Catalog

The Course Catalog lists all courses offered at the school in defined categories, such as semester and subject matter.

If your school licenses community engagement, the Organization Catalog lists all organizations at the school in defined categories, such as organization type or semester availability.

The catalog allows you to search for courses or organizations using a keyword or a specific category. The links in the catalog display instructor information and a course description. You may be able to enroll, preview, or log in to a course depending on how your school customizes Blackboard Learn.

Note: Your school might to use a different catalog or no catalog at all.

Browsing the Course Catalog

Click View Course Catalog on the Gateway page. Or, log in and open the Courses tab or the Community tab to be able to browse the listings.

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  1. Search Catalog: Use the drop-down lists to limit the search by parameters.
  2. Go: Click Go to search for a course.
  3. View Textbooks: Click to open a new window and view textbooks for the course.

Viewing a Course as a Guest

Click the link to a course to view it as a guest. Guests do not have access to the entire course.

Note: The course instructor determines whether you are allowed to preview a course prior to enrollment. This option is not available for all courses.