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My Institution Tab

The My Institution tab contains individual boxes called modules. Modules help you organize information and links. A module can contain a tool such as a calculator, or display dynamic information such as grades, alerts, and announcements. You can use the links in modules to navigate to areas in your courses.

Your school can rename modules and determines which are available when you log in to your course the first time.

Modules on the My Institution tab collect information from all the courses you are enrolled in, giving you a total picture of news and activity for your courses.

You can personalize the content and layout of the My Institution tab. The options you set are the default settings that appear each time you log in. While you can choose which modules appear, your school may restrict or require modules.

In some instances, you have access to several tabs that contain modules. These additional tabs include the same features for customizing the content and layout of modules.

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  1. Tools: View announcements and grades for all courses you are enrolled in. Send email to members of any of your courses. View course calendar dates and tasks added by instructors and add your personal calendar events and tasks, which remain private. Access and edit your personal information.
  2. Modules: Use links to view information and navigate to your courses. Your school determines which modules appear.
  3. Add Module: Click to view the list of available modules, such as dictionary, report card, and notes. Descriptions are provided in the list to help you choose the most significant.
  4. Personalize Page: Change the color scheme of your page. 

Exploring the Tools Panel

Your school determines which tools appear on the Tools panel on the My Institution tab.

  • Announcements: Displays announcements for courses you are enrolled in and from your school. Announcements communicate important, time-sensitive information.
  • Calendar: Displays events that your instructor has added. You can also post private, personal events.
  • Tasks: Keep track of work with tasks your instructor added. You can also add personal tasks.
  • My Grades: Displays the status of gradable items such as tests, assignments, journal and blog entries, and discussion board posts.
  • Send Email: Send email messages to other course members' external email addresses.
  • User Directory: Lists users within Blackboard Learn. Users only appear if they indicate that they want to be included on the Set Privacy Options page.
  • Address Book: Store contact information in the address book. The address book is empty until you create contacts. You must create a profile for anyone you want to add to your address book even if the contact is a Blackboard Learn user.
  • Personal Information: Access and edit your personal information that appears to other users. You can also change your password, set your privacy options, and personalize your settings.

Exploring the Modules

In modules, you can view information such as announcements, calendar events, and a list of your courses. Your  school can include other modules such as news channels or tools using the Content Collection.

Use the links in modules to navigate to areas in your courses.

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  1. My Courses: Lists all the courses you are enrolled in or are teaching. For example, if you are a student in two courses and a teaching assistant in one course, your course list is divided into the courses you are enrolled in and the courses you are a TA in.
  2. My Announcements: Displays announcements from all courses you are enrolled in, as well as school-wide announcements. When you click an announcement link, you are taken to the main Announcements page.
  3. My Tasks: Lists tasks for all courses you are enrolled in.
  4. My Calendar: Displays calendar dates for courses you are enrolled in and any personal events you have added.