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Course Cartridges

Your instructor has the option of using course cartridge content in their courses. This content is created by third party publishers and is available for instructors to download. When you access this content within a course, you are prompted for an access key. Cartridge content often includes:

  • Slides
  • Documents
  • Quiz questions
  • Lists of relevant links  

Accessing a Course Cartridge

To access a course cartridge, you must be enrolled in the course and have an access key to open the course material. When you attempt to access course cartridge content the first time, you are prompted for a key. The publisher of the course cartridge provides the access key for a course. The access key for a course cartridge is found in the course text book or on the publisher’s website. After you enter the key, you can open any content in the course that comes from that course cartridge. Often, an access key included with a text book can only be used one time. Inquire about access keys before purchasing a used text book.

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Troubleshooting Course Cartridge Issues

If you are having difficulty with your course cartridge, contact any of the following resources for help.

  • The company that publishes the course cartridge.
  • Your school's computing help desk or bookstore (where you purchased the text or access key).
  • Your instructor.

While the publisher controls access keys and cartridge content, your instructor, campus computing help desk, or campus bookstore can help you contact the publisher directly or provide other assistance.