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Course Content Areas

Content areas are top-level containers that organize and store course content, such as lecture notes, assignments, and tests. All of the content areas that are available to you appear on the course menu. To access a content area, click its name on the course menu. The content appears in the content frame. Typical content areas that you might see are Instructor Info, Assignments, Tests, My Grades, and the names of units that correspond to the subjects in your course.

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Your instructor or your school creates the names of the areas in a course, which may differ from the names shown in this section. The content area names can also change course by course within your institution.

Content Area Organization

Click the link on the course menu to access a content area item. In the content frame, various content items are organized. Clicking a link to a content item such as the discussion board or a file will open that item in the content frame.

Learning Modules

Learning modules are containers for packaging and presenting course content. Learning modules have a table of contents where your instructor organizes the presentation of content. All types of content, such as items, assignments, and tests can appear in a learning module.

Lesson Plans

A lesson plan is a container for content similar to a learning module or folder that holds and organizes content items. Your instructor can create lesson plans to hold lesson profiles, instructional objectives, and the content items you need to complete a lesson.


As items and links are viewed in a content area, use the breadcrumbs to navigate to previous pages.Breadcrumbs trace the path to and from each item. Breadcrumbs, not the browser back button, are the best way to navigate backwards.

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