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Course Groups

Instructors can create groups of students within a course. Groups usually consist of a smaller number of students in a course, such as study groups or project groups. These course groups have their own areas in the course to collaborate. These spaces are equipped with tools that can assist each group member including:

  • Email
  • File exchange
  • Discussion forums
  • Collaboration sessions

Your instructor provides the communication and collaboration tools that only group members can access, such as a private file exchange area, a group discussion board, and a group journal.

Your instructor places you into a group or allows you to select the group you want to join.

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How do I remove myself from a group?

Once you are enrolled in a group, only your instructor can remove you from the group. This applies to self-enroll and student-created groups as well. Contact your instructor about leaving a group.

How can I add users to a group I created?

If you create a group within your course for other classmates to join, they will have to self-enroll in the group by clicking Sign Up under the group name in the list of groups.

How do I join a group one of my classmates created?

Find the group listed on the Groups page and click Sign Up. The group will display on your My Groups control panel.

How do I remove someone from a group I created?

You do not have the ability to remove classmates from a group you created. Talk to your instructor about removing a classmate from your group.

Accessing Groups

You can only access a group within a course. You can access your group in the following ways.

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  1. Groups page link: The Groups page link appears on the course menu or in a content area. The Groups page lists all available groups and sign-up sheets for self-enroll groups.
  2. My Groups panel: The My Groups panel appears following the course menu. The My Groups panel provides direct links to the group space for each group you belong to. You can expand the panel to reveal all the tools that are available for the group to use. If you are enrolled in a group, the panel appears automatically.
  3. Group Link: A group link is a link to a single group, sign-up sheet, or the Groups page made available in a course area.