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Your instructor controls which tools are available. If this tool is not available, your instructor or your school has disabled it.

A Mashup combines elements from two or more sources. When you view a YouTube™ video in a Blackboard Learn course as part of the course content, you are experiencing a mashup. Mashups also include Flickr® photos and SlideShare presentations.

Mashups are used in a variety of ways within a course: as a standalone piece of content, as part of a test question, as a topic in a discussion board, or as part of an assignment. For example, you can include a clip of your favorite movie in a journal entry.

Mashups are displayed in the following ways:

  • Embed: The mashup displays directly on the page.
  • Thumbnail: A small picture of the mashup displays on the page with controls to launch it.
  • Text Link with Player: A link to the mashup is displayed on the page. Click the link to launch the mashup.

Mashups are added through the content editor.

Default Mashup Types

Blackboard Learn supports any file type available on the following websites:

  • Flickr: A website for viewing and sharing photos and images.
  • SlideShare: A website for viewing and sharing slide presentations and documents.
  • YouTube: A website for viewing and sharing online videos.

Your school can enable other types of mashups.

How to Create a Mashup Item Using the Content Editor

  1. Navigate to an assignment, journal, or other piece of content, for example, Lesson 1: Ocean Exploration.

    Image illustrating associated text.

  2. On the Upload Assignment page, clickMashups in the third row of content editor functions.
  3. Select Flickr Photo, SlideShare Presentation, or YouTube Video.
  4. On the Search pop-up window, search for content. Type the content name in the Search box and click Go.

    Image illustrating associated text.

  5. On the Search Results page, click Preview to examine the items, or click Select to include the appropriate item.

     Image illustrating associated text.

  6. On the Create Mashup Item page, you can change the Name of the item. This is a required field.
  7. Set the Mashup Options.
  8. Click Submit.

     Image illustrating associated text.

  9. On the Upload Assignment page, click Submit.

     Image illustrating associated text.

If the mashup does not appear or displays an error after initially appearing, it is possible that the URL has changed or the item was deleted from Flickr, SlideShare, or YouTube.