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Blackboard Help

Deleting and Recycling Content

Deleting Content

Deleting an item or a folder removes it from the Content Collection. Deleted items may not be restored.

Recycling Content

Recycled items or folders are moved to the Recycle Bin folder. Recycled items may be restored.

To appear, the Recycle Bin must be enabled by your school. If the Recycle Bin is disabled, only the Delete option will appear. If the Recycle Bin is enabled, only the Recycle option will appear.

The Recycle Bin folder will only appear once an item or folder is recycled. Recycle Bin folders are located within each User, Course, Organization, and Institution folder. These folders will only be available if your school has turned them on.

How to Delete or Recycle Content

Content can be deleted or recycled by selecting the available option from the contextual menu.

How to Restore Recycled Content

Click Restore from the list of options below the action bar. A confirmation message will pop-up, click OK to continue. The content will be moved to its previous location.